Pro-Aging – Aging without Expectations

As a beauty professional, a mother to a little girl, and an educator, I have taken on this mission to change the way define beauty.

One place to start is the verbiage we use with ourselves, our loved ones, and our clients around aging.

What does Anti-aging really mean?

Anti, means “opposed to, or against.”

Pro, means “in favor of, or supporting.”

Anti-aging to me sounds like we are trying NOT to age, which is impossible. It adds to the expectations that as women we shouldn’t age, and that aging isn’t beautiful.

I have switched my view on aging, from anti-aging to PRO-aging.

We can offer services and products that support the skins health, to keep it functioning optimally, and allowing the skin to age gracefully.

I always start my skin analysis with something positive about the clients skin. As women we are so hard on ourselves, sometimes we just need to be reminded how beautiful we are, inside and out.

You never know how your words might impact your client.

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