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Beauty, Deeper than the Skin

Our skin is a reflection of everything that is happening within our body. It can reflect our physical health imbalances, organs and systems not functioning at their highest. It can also reflect our emotional state, stress, fear, negativity. And then there is our energetic system, what you put out into the world, your “vibe”, your inner light, your sense of self. Let’s discuss all these factors a little more in depth and how they tie to our beauty.Beauty, Deeper than the Skin

Physical imbalances in the body is the most obvious cause of imbalances in the skin. Our skin is a detoxifying organ, it rids the body of toxic buildup through its secretions. If the body is inundated with toxicants through diet, skincare products, household products, pollution, and pesticides, the skin will take on the burden and express physical symptoms externally. Skin problems such as breakouts, acne, sensitivity, rashes, hives, rosacea, pigmentation, and accelerated aging are all signs of imbalances happening from within. Treating these skin conditions with topical products and treatments is not going to correct the imbalance, it may mask the symptoms temporarily but it will always come back or manifest in a different way.

Our emotional state has a huge impact on the skins appearance. Have you ever heard someone say “I could see it all over their face” when it comes to pain, fear, or trauma? Your facial expressions reflect your internal feelings. Same goes with the health of your skin. When someone is living in a stressed state, you can literally see their skin changing by the day, the coloring of the skin changes, expression lines of worry deepen, dehydration sets in. Our skin is listening, it listens to our thoughts, and expresses them outwardly. Our thoughts become molecular messengers within the body, delivering this message to every cell. Our energy stores become depleted, and the body as a whole begins to suffer.

And then there is our energetic body, also know as our “vibe”. The vibe you put out into the world. When you walk into a room, do people light up to see you, do they not notice you at all, or do they cower away from you? Everyone has their own unique energy, and when that energy is in a low frequency state, it is visible in your skin. That “glow” or vibrancy is diminished. Energy is also contagious, so being around others in a low energy state will start to effect yours, and bring you down.

To begin to heal the skin, we must focus on these three things. I believe starting with our energetic body, shifting our frequency and raising our vibrations will have the most profound effect on the skin. When you are functioning as your highest self energetically, the rest becomes easier to manage. As our energy shifts, our emotional body will too. Our thoughts will change, we will better manage stress, and we will start to see our physical body change as well, we will have the energy to make better choices for our health. Stress is a big factor in gut health, so as stress subsides our gut will start to repair. It is a ripple effect, all leading back to the skin. Our glow will come back, our skin will be vibrant and radiate good health, and every cell in our body will rejoice.

“If you want to change your appearance, you must first change your thoughts, emotions, and habits… And if you want to be beautiful, you must first create a whole and happy inner life, so that ‘every cell in your body learns of your happiness and joins in'” – Pratima Raichur

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